Below is a selection of the many genuine testimonials received               by both The Colon Health Store and Poopdoc USA over the years.

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“Poopdoc Formula 1 is the most effective constipation relief formula I have ever used. You can only buy it in the UK from The Colon Health Store but that's not a problem as their service is always very good. Its also cheaper and quicker than importing from the states" 

— Mary, St Albans, UK


“Finding a decent constipation relief product that doesnt rip my stomach apart has been a problem of mine for years. Poopdoc does actually work without any side effects, in fact it works brilliantly.".

— Thomas A, Islington, London, UK


“If you dont suffer from bad constipation then you wont really understand how it can make you feel. I was forever bloated and uncomfortable - i knew this much. What I didnt realise was the effect my condition had on my energy levels. I started taking Poopdoc in summer 2014 and it made such a difference to my wellbeing”. Without a shadow of doubt if you suffer with constipation to any degree please try Poopdoc. You wont regret it".

— Jenny, Southsea UK


“I am a 35 male who has suffered with constipation problems since my teens. I truely believe that the problems I have are genetic and quite simply I was not born with the parts. Over the years I have tried multiple diet changes and constipation relief products in an attempt to rid myslef of the uncomfort that has troubled me for years. Poopdoc is the first product that has ever worked consistantly for me. I have never experienced any bad side effects and I have taken it regularly for over 4 years. If you suffer with any constipation or IBS issues then you have to try Poopdoc”.

— Steve (a man who never writes reviews!), Dorset, UK


....and those from the other side of the pond

(WARNING; it could take some time to read them all!).


“All I can say is that your product is a Godsend. I have been dealing with severe constipation since my accident 2 1/2 years ago. My two drs. have prescribed meds that gave absolutely NO relief. One dose of your natural product and I was on my way to relief. Unbelievable. Can't tell you how much better I feel all around. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Mainstream doctors, I'm sorry, really don't care about the overall wellbeing of their patients. I can't tell you how frustrating it is, but I'm sure that you have been told that and are fully aware of this type of experience.
Again - I certainly will be a loyal customer!!!”

— Sharon, Las Vegas


“I just want to sincerely thank you…

Hello There! My name is Amy and I recently received a sample of the poopdoc. I am 25 years old and battling with Crohn's on top of that I am on a drug called methadone. For the first time in a year I have finally found a (supplement) thanks to yall that works for constipation. Ever since I started taking methadone my bowls have been irregular, and I have tried everything (included the dreaded enema!) I am so thankful for finding (PoopDoc), and I am ordering more after my sample runs out. I also will be telling all the patients as well as my doctor at the clinic about (PoopDoc), it has been a lifesaver. Thankyou!”

— Amy, Florence, South Carolina


“The product worked as promised... what impressed me the most was it was a gentle movement no harsh cramping. Noticed less bloating and movements improved significantly. Would recommend to anyone.”

— DLJ, Edison, NJ


“I ordered the free trial of the constipation relief from poopdoc and I was very pleasantly surprised that this was not like any other constipation relief formula I have ever tried and I have tried them all, this made me feel so much different the next day after waking up having taken it the night before, I felt energized with no cramping and feeling drained like most laxatives made me feel, I had a perfectly formed stool and it came out like I had never been constipated before. One has to try this poopdoc constipation relief for themselves to get the real difference it provides and almost miraculous relief without any of the misery of ordinary laxatives come with.
I give this stuff 10 stars!”

— Liz, Ashland, Oregon


“I Love Love Love your product, finally something Natural that really works! No More miralax, x-lax or any other "Junk". 
God Bless You!! 
I can go everyday. No more Cramps!! Yeah and I know it won't hurt Me because of Chemicals!!”

— Ruth, Jackson, Mo.


“I cannot begin to tell you what a great product this is. It helps all of us. thank you”

— Gary, Fountain valley, California


“Before poopdoc I had a terrible time with hard, painful stools. The laxatives I was taking stopped working. I was so worried what I was doing to my colon and over all health. I take strong pain medication for chronic pain. PoopDoc has changed my life. I no longer fear trying to have bowel movements. I feel better and drink more water along with eating more fruits and vegetables. I would recommend this product to anyone who has symptoms of constipation and trouble with bowel movements.

Thank you for changing my life.”

— Patti, Louisville, Kentucky


“Hello it gives me great pleasure to write about the effcetiveness of this product. It has been only one week since my husband and i started using poopdoc, and we have seen and felt the difference in our bodies. I never knew these was so much waste in the colon. Poopdoc is very gentle there is no cramping unlike the other stuff i haved tried in the past. It has been one week and the results are great cant think of what one month will be like, there wont be enough words to explain the benifits of this great product. Thank you for such a wonderful product.”

— Verlie, British Virgins Islands


Even the experts agree.........


Even the experts agree that Poopdoc Formula #1 is the best product on the market for dealing with the symptoms of constipation. Check out the products being reviewed by Doug Kaufman on 'Know the Cause' (only the most watched health show in the USA!).




and the constipation relief testemonials keep coming.......


“First of all, I want to say that I have been fighting severe constipation since I was 18 years of age. I am now 64 years of age and was still fighting the problem. I am

serious, it has always been a bothersome problem. Well, I am here to say that my problem has been solved. Your product is a miraculous discovery. The poopdoc capsules worked the first time I took them. About a week after I was taking them, I decided to do the colon cleanse. It worked wonders. I have a bowel movement every morning upon arrising and some days two more througout the day. I feel better and would recommend and have recommeded this product

to everyone who needs help with constipation. I was diagnosed by by family phycian that I had IBS w/cronic constipation and also bad inner and outer hemmorhoids. He prescribed Linzess which worked well, but it gave me diarrhea. I stopped the Linzess and started taking PoopDoc and fiber supplement and I do not have any more problems. Thank You so much for your product. It is truly a 'Miracle'.”

— Lasley, Abbeville, Louisiana


“A friend recommended Poopdoc, knowing my history of always having trouble with constipation. It has been a life saver, I not only feel better, my bloating has pretty much been eliminated. I can now travel & not be embarrassed about my stomach issues.

Thanks so much,”

— Carol, Lubbock, Texas


“I am so grateful to share my experience with Poop Doc Constipation Relief Formula. In September 2008 we moved into a rental with mold. That year my entire family became sick. Mine was gastrointestinal. I had 3 hospitalizations due to an abcess in my colon and diverticulitis. In September I was told to have a resection and "everything would go back to normal". It didn't. I alternated between diarrhea and constipation with occasional incontinence. I was horrified and terrified. I had a medical procedure where they put a baloon up your bum to check my pelvic floor muscles. I went to pelvic floor therapy for nearly a year. I became bedridden, wracked with pain. Pain management gladly gave me medication after medication once offering me "methadone". I thought Geeze lady, why don't you just give me heroine? The pain meds exacerbated my back pain and my constipation. At this point I could NOT have a bm. Literally, my body no longer had the urge. Consequently my desire to eat diminished and I lost over 50 pounds without trying. I'm no doctor...but I would say if you can't eat and can't poop you are pretty sick. Not one doctor addressed those issues seriously or the wasting that was happening to my body. I would lie in bed in pain and research the internet for solutions on a pad my son had gotten for Christmas. I was desperate...I tried vitamins, prunes, Fruit-eze, flax seeds, Chia seeds, Heather's Acacia fiber, milk of magnesia, digestive enzymes, miralax, multiple probiotics and yogurts, prescription meds including Linzess, stool softeners, senekot, fleets enemas, smooth move tea, not to mention the glycerine suppositories, preparation H and the adult diapers and pads. I ordered numerous items over the internet, all promised to resolve my constipation. And some did for a week or two and then they quit working. I was crushed and even more despondent after another failure. I even bought a squatty potty, thinking that perhaps that would help. FINALLY a MIRACLE! I came accross PoopDoc Constipation Relief. I called in my order because I wanted to know their return policy. I did the suggested cleanse...and on the first day...after 4 years...I felt an unusual feeling...the natural urge to defacate. I am so grateful to Scott and PoopDoc for using a natural product that is gentle and helps my body do what it's supposed to do (doo-doo!). I am a widow and I've known a number of families with children with cancer. I would recommend this product for everyone. Check with Scott, but I've been told it can be mixed with applesauce for the young and old. No more suffering. No more pain. Just simple blessed relief. Thank You Scott and PoopDoc!”

— Teresa, Anaheim, California


“I have dealt with IBS, and acid reflux over the past 30 years and 10 years ago I had a bowel resection on one side for a precancerous growth from my appendix which had attached to the bowel. Since that time I continued on my medications for both the stomach and bowel plus over the counter fiber supplements. I was diagnosed also at that time with diverticulosus and since then have developed severe diverticulitis several times and always was in some amount of pain daily with the stomach and colon area and the fiber supplement stopped working very well.

At that point my daughter told me about Poopdoc and the amazing results she had gotten with her son and his condition which is chronic constipation.

I read the website and was so impressed with the site and the treatment of the things I was suffering from - the big one being the ongoing infection from diverticulitis flareups and the constant antibotics I seemed to have to take plus the ongoing pain from both my stomach and intestinal tract, that I decided to pursue the Poopdoc products.

I did the cleanout in the beginning and did 7 pills the first day and had absolutely no pain or discomfort and it worked so well that it was like being in the bathroom all day with no upset stomach or pain that you get with the colonoscopy preps. The next day I took 5 pills and the 3rd day 3 pills. I then started just the 2 pills at night and added the fiber that the Poopdoc site sells and by being supported by my conversations with Scott and information from him as for the way to use the product to produce good results I was able to get excellent constipation relief. I now only take 1 pill at night and the fiber in the morning and I am so improved with the results and the discomfort I had is mostly gone. I also ordered the mixer they sell for the fiber and this is the best product ever as it mixes it instantly and no stirring and trying to mix it manually and a really great product.

Everyone is different in the dose that works best for them and you need to give it awhile to adjust to the right amount. I would highly recommend this product and also I am very impressed by the support I got from the staff. This has been a life changing experience.”

— Lu Anne, Omaha, Nebraska


“Yes, I've been taking all three of your products and have had great results. I'm 60 years old and have suffered from constipation all my life. As a child I became ill in the 1950's was diagnose with meningitis by then I was in a coma. From then on my fight to have a normal B/M started. Around the age of 9, I remember having to go to the hospital and have stool dug out of me.The trauma was was some thing I'll never forget, and I started using laxatives and would double over from the pain and maybe 2 or 3 times a week I'd have a B/M and they weren't normal. Soon my mother began giving my epson salts - 1 tablespoon in warm water also painful but I'd have a B/M and that is how I lived for the next 40 years. About 2 years ago I was hospitalized my kidneys were shouting down and I hadn't had a B/M for over a week. I was in the hospital for 3 days before I began to respond to treatment and the medication was really hard on my body. Not to long ago I was talking to a friend at the gym about poop, and she told my about the "POOPDOC". I placed an order and it's been about 60 days since I've been taking his products and the second day I had a B/M. For the first time in my life I have had a B/M every morning now. WOW...Thank you, Poop Doc”

— Donna, Huber Heights, Ohio